Brazil Nut Oil (Castanha do Pará) - Natural Unrefined

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Brazil Nut Oil - Castanha do Pará

A natural, unrefined, Sustainable Product of the Brazilian Amazon Forest

Scientific name -  Bertholletia excelsa
Extraction Method:  100 % pure and natural, virgin, cold-pressed without any chemical treatment, cosmetic quality.
Part of the Plant Used -  Seeds
Country of Origin: Brazil
Appearance:  Light Amber
Smell:  Sweet, nutty
Touch:  Smooth, not greasy.

Common Uses:
Brazil Nut Oil is an excellent emollient, leaving skin soft and hydrated.  It is excellent for use in skin care creams, lotions, and scrubs.  Soap, bath and body creams, hair care products and hair conditioner. 

Product Abstract - The seed oil is highly nutritious, containing 75% unsaturated fatty acids composed mainly of palmitic, oleic, and linoleic acids, as well as the phytosterol sitosterol, and the fat-soluble vitamins A and E. Extra-virgin oil can be obtained during the first pressing of the seeds, which can be used as a substitute for olive oil.

The proteins in the seeds are very rich in sulfur amino acids, such as cysteine (8%) and methionine (18%); the presence of methionine enhances the adsorption of selenium and other minerals. Due to its anti-free radical, antioxidant, and moisturizing properties, the cosmetic industry uses the seed oil from this tree in anti-aging skin products. It is also considered one of the best conditioners for damaged and dehydrated hair.

All our oils, butters, and bioactive products are extracted from Amazonian plants using free chemicals methods (without the use of chemical reagents or solvents). This method of Cold Extraction allows producing high-quality products, such as oils, greases, soaps, and herbal extracts; also, it preserves the bioactive compounds that are found in the raw materials. 

They are wild species that grow naturally in the Amazon rainforest, extracted sustainably without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Our products are cruelty-free. 

The product may be subject to variation in color, viscosity, smell and other factors depending on the harvesting and local temperature.

Paris Fragrances is not liable for misuse in handling our products nor are we responsible for the final result of your product. See our store policy page.


Did you know?

Castanha do Pará, more recently renamed the Brazil nut, is one of the most important species of Amazonian trees for the Amazonian communities, because the extraction of the tree nuts are extremely profitable and play an important role in the socio-economic organization of large forested regions. It is important to remember that the extraction of the Brazilian nut does not harm the rain florets in any way.  
 It is a very large tree, leafy and majestic, often reaching a height of 50 meters and can be more than 2 meters in diameter. The fruit of the Brazil nut is a large capsule containing 10 to 25 seeds (nuts).  To remove the seeds the capsule needs to be broken, which has a very hard and woody shell that has an opening (when mature) that is small and does not allow the seeds to fall out.
A mature tree produces an average 125 liters of seeds (at an average 45 seeds per liter). The peeled seed is approximately 70% oil. An oil press can extract (without the use of solvents) 40% of the oil, which means each tree can produce up to 50 liters of oil per year.

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