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Pequi Oil - Natural Unrefined

Pequi Oil - Natural Unrefined

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Pequi Oil

A Natural Unrefined - Sustainable Product of the Brazilian Amazon Forest

  • Scientific name – Caryocar Braziliense
  • Plant Part – pulp
  • Origin - Brazil
  • Appearance: orange

Product Abstract – Pequi Pulp Oil is 100% natural, cold-pressed, dried, no preservatives, additives or other chemicals are added. It is a will harvested product grows naturally in the Brazilian Amazon Forest without any pesticides or fertilizers.

Common Uses – Soaps, body lotion, skin, hair, ideal for skin creams

The local communities apply the pulp as an anti-inflammatory and against liver disorders. 
To extract the pulp oil in a traditional way, the pulp mass is boiled at low heat (without water) and the mass removed while the oil melts. B.Th. pulp and kernel oil, along with the peel, is used in the manufacturing of soap.

Pequi oil is rich in fatty acids and boasts a high content of vitamin A, C and many B, as well as phytosterols, sitosterol, stigmasterol and lanosterol. Squale and selenium are obtained in concentrations of 64mg and 0,7mg per 100g respectively.
Pequi oil has a complete melting point of 98.6 F, identical to the temperature of the human body, which makes it ideal for skin creams. However, the Piquiá kernel is not very common due to the difficulty in removing the endocarp. The seed oil obtained is white-yellow in color, solid and of an agreeable taste and smell.

All our oils, butters, and bioactive products are extracted from plants using free chemicals methods (without the use of chemical reagents or solvents). This method of Cold Extraction allows producing high-quality products, such as oils, greases, soaps, and herbal extracts; also, it preserves the bioactive compounds that are found in the raw materials.

Our products are cruelty-free. 

The product may be subject to variation in color, viscosity, smell and other factors depending on the harvesting and local temperature. If solid, place bottle in hot water to liquefy.

The oil may be a firm consistency at ambient temperature, to stay liquid, just warm up.
Paris Fragrances is not liable for misuse in handling our products nor are we responsible for the final result of your product. See our store policy page.

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