Category: Fragrance Oils

Below are the maximum percentages of this fragrance that can be used in each category, based on IFRA standards in accordance with the 49th Amendment and, where applicable, the European Union Cosmetic Regulation (EC) n ° 1223/2009 ** (where applicable).:


Category IFRA

Product Types

% Maximum in finished



Leave on products generally applied to lips

Lip products of all types (solid and liquid lipsticks, balms, clar or colored, lip wax, etc.); Children’s Toys.



Leave on products generally applied to axillae (or the body)

Deodorant and/or antiperspirant products of all types including any product with intended or reasonably foreseeable use on the axillae or labelled as such (spray, stick, roll-on, under-arm, deo-cologne aerosol spray, etc.);

Body sprays (including body mist).



Products generally applied to the face using fingertips

Eye products of all types (eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, eye make-up, eye masks, eye pillows, etc.) including eye care and moisturizer (anti-dark circles, anti-wrinkle, etc.);

Facial make up foundation;

Make-up remover for face, eyes (micellar lotion); Pore strips (nose, etc.);

Wipes or refreshing tissues for face, neck, hands, body; Body and face paint (for children and adults);

Facial masks for face and around the eyes.



Fragrancing products generally applied to neck, face and wrists

Fine fragrance of all types (eau de toilette, parfum, cologne, solid perfume, fragrancing cream, after shaves of all types, etc.);

Fragranced bracelets;

Perfume kit fragrances ingredients/mixtures (do it yourself); Scent pads, foil packs;

Scent strips for hydroalcoholic products; ATTAR: EDT use (oil with alcohol);

ATTAR: Fine fragrance type use body sprays/body mist except axillae;

Hydroalcoholic and non-hydroalcoholic.



Products applied to the face and body using the hands (palms), primarily leave-on:


Leave on products applied to the face and body using the hands (palms)

Body creams, oils, lotions of all types; Foot care products (creams & powders);

Lotion and cream for insect repellent (intended to be applied to the skin); All powders and talcs (excluding baby product (powders and talcs));

Body mask; Candle massage;

ATTAR: Body oil/Body lotion like use.



Leave on products applied to the face and body using the hands (palms)

Face toner; Moisturizer for face;

Face cream (except baby);

ATTAR: After shave balm like use.



Leave on products applied to the face and body using the hands (palms)

Hand cream;

Nail care products including cuticle creams, etc.; Hand sanitizers.



Leave on products applied to the face and body using the hands (palms)

Baby cream/lotion, baby oil, baby powders and talcs.



Rinse off products with lip and oral exposure


Mouthwash, including breath sprays; Toothpowder, strips, mouthwash tablets.



Products applied to the hair with some hand contact:


Products applied to hair with hand contact

Rinse-off hair (With a long application time) permanent or their hair chemical treatments (e.g.relaxers),



including rinse-off hair dyes.



Products applied to hair with hand contact

Hair sprays of all types (pumps, aerosol sprays, etc.);

Hair styling aids non sprays (mousse, gels, leave-on conditioners);

Leave-on hair permanent or the chemical treatments (e.g.relaxers), including leave-on hair dyes; Dry shampoo;

Hair deodorizer + Hair perfume; Serum (leave-on);

Mask (leave-on);

Conditionner (leave-on);



Products with significant anogenital exposure

Intimate wipes; Tampons;

Baby wipes;

Tiolet paper (wet);

ATTAR: with intimate exposure.



Rinse off products with body and hand exposure

Bar soap;

Shampoo of all type (waterless/solid shampoo); Cleanser for face (rinse-off);

Conditioner (rinse-off)/mask hair/scalp scrub; Liquid soap;

Body detergent liquid: Body washes and shower gels of all types; Body Baby detergent liquid: Baby wash, bath, shampoo;

Bath gels, foams, mousses, salts, oils and other products added to bathwater; Foot care products (feet are placed in a bath for soaking);

Shaving creams of akk types (stick, gels, foams aerosol, etc.);

All depilatories (including facial) and waxes for mechanical hair removal (cream, wax, foam aerosol, etc.); Shampoos for pets.



Household care products with mostly hand contact:


Household care products with mostly hand contact

Hand wash laundry detergent (including concentrates); Laundry pre-treatment of all types (e.g. paste, sprays, sticks); Hand dishwashing detergent (including con concentrates);

Hand surface cleaners of all types (bathroom and kitchen cleansers, furniture polishm etc.)(gel, liquid), eg...); Machine laundry detergents with skin contact (e.g. liquids, powders) including concentrates;

Dyr cleaning kits; Toilet seat wipes;

Fabric softeners of all types including fabric softener sheets;

Household cleaning products, other types including fabric cleaners, soft surface cleaners, carpet cleaners, furniture polishes sprays and wipes, leather cleaning wipes, stain removers, fabric enhacing sprays, treatment products for textiles (e.g. starch sprays, fabric treated with fragrances after wash, deodorizers for textiles or fabrics);

Floor wax;

Fragranced oil far lamp ring, reed diffusers, pot-pourri, liquid refills for air freshners (non-cartridge systems) etc.;

ATTAR fabric spray;

Treatment products for textiles: e.g. starch sprays;

Deodorizers for textiles of Fabric Mist (fabric trated with fragrance after wash); Treatment products for textiles: Ironing water odored distilled water.



Household care products with mostly hand contact Animal sprays – sprays applied to animals of all types; Air freshener sprays, including aerosol and pump; Aerosol/spray insecticides;

Pre Poo/Post Poo.



Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate:


Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate

Faminines hygiene conventional pads, liners, interlabial pads; Diapers (baby and adult);

Tiolet paper (dry);

Adult oncontinence pant, pad.



Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate

Tights with moisturizers;

Scented socks, gloves;

Facial tissues (dry tissues);


Paper towels; Wheat bags;

Protective facial masks in paper e.g. surgical masks but not used as medical device;

Fertilizers, solid (pellet or powder).



Products not intented for direct skin contact, mionimal or insignificant transfer to skin

Candles of all types (including encased);

Machine laundry detergents with minimal skin contact (e.g. liquid tabs, pods);

Automated air fresheners and fragrancing of all types (concentrated aerosol with metered doses (range 0.05-

0.5 mL/spray), plug-ins, closed systems, solid substrate: gel/ceramic/cellulose/wood, membrane delivery,



electrical, powders, fragrancing sachets, liquid refills (cartridge), air freshening crystals) Air delivery systems (polymer, gel...);

Cat litter;

Cell phone cases;

Deodorizers/maskers not intented for skin contact (e.g. fabric drying machine deodorizers, carpet powders); Fuels;

Inseticides (e.g.anti-moth, mosquito coil, paper, electrical, for clothing) excluding aerosol/sprays; Joss sticks or incense sticks, “bakkour”;

Machine dishwash deodorizers and detergent; Paints;

Plastic articles (excluding toys), polymer beads; Scratch and sniff;

Scent pack (vermiculite, sand);

Scent delivery system (using dry air technology) – nebulization; Shoe polishes;

Toilet blocks – tablet;

ATTAR: Incense/other non-stick; Olfactive board games.



* The IFRA (International Fragrance Association at idraorg.org) standards are guidelines for the safe use of ingredients used in fragrances and are based on an independent expert evaluation of toxicological and dermatological data relating to ingredient concentration and levels of exposure to final products. The safety of consumer products containing our fragrances and your safety in confidence in the presentation, labeling, packaging or instructions for the use of the final product can only be completely ensured by the proper evaluation of your product. All information provided is based on data collected for each ingredient used in the formula. The information contained in this document is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate in the time given. The maximum levels reported are only accurate if this fragrance is the only fragrance ingredient in your consumer product.

** If the EU sale of cosmetic products is planned, please request an EU Cosmetics Dossier.

*** This certification does not include an assessment of oral exposure as required for IFRA QRA categories 1A and 6. For these applications request a separate assessment.