The Benefits of Cosmetic Clays in Personal Care Products

The Benefits of Cosmetic Clays in Personal Care Products

Clays are considered the oldest “cosmetic products” used for the purpose of providing beauty and skin care. The minerals found in clays potentiate some effects according to their concentration.

As clay properties can vary according to their composition, they can serve several functions such as peripheral microcirculation activators, absorbers, antioxidants, calming, analgesic, healers, decongestants, purifying, refreshing, regenerators or anti-bacterial.

The colors on the clays determine its component and therefore its purpose for use and its mechanism of action; this is due to the greater or lesser amount of specific minerals or the organic materials found in its composition.

Clay can have various forms of application and there are records that in ancient times, the Egyptians and the Greeks made beauty treatments for detoxification and therapy using clay masks.


The powdered clays can be prepared by mixing with water to a paste. Apply in the region and leave for 10 minutes.

It can be potentiated by adding essential oils or vegetable oils. Much used in facial, body and hair treatments. Clays can also be used in the production of soaps, in addition to the therapeutic properties. The advantage of being used also to color the soaps more naturally, thus avoiding the use of artificial products.

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