Using Babassu Oil in Soap Making

Babassu Oil is a carrier oil that is made from the seeds (kernels) of the Babassu Tree, native to the northern and central regions of Brazil.  Babassu oil is rich in Vitamin E and Phytosterols which has led to its use in the treatment of a number of skin diseases.  Babassu oil has similar composition and proportions of fatty acid to coconut oil, both are made up of about 70% lipids.
Like coconut oil, Babassu seeds' oil can be saponified and used to make soap.  What makes Babassu oil better than coconut oil is the lack of a heavy, greasy feeling.  Babassu is non-comedogenic but still absorbs well into the skin, leaving it moisturized without an oily sheen.

Fatty acids include:
  • Lauric
  • Myristic
  • Pamtic
  • Stearic
  • Oleic
Babassu oil is used in many beauty, skincare and hair care products; it is an excellent pre-shampoo treatment or can be added to your existing hair conditioner to enhance deep conditioning.  
You can use Babassu oil directly on your hair to seal the ends and get rid of frizziness. t is also used frequently in making natural shampoo bars.
In facial treatments, it is said that Babassu Oil does not clog pores where others heavier oils do. Several soap makers are using Babassu oil to create soaps for customers with sensitive skin.
When using Babassu oil in soap making, be aware that it can produce a harder bar with bubbly lather as it is a drier oil.  Due to its hardness, several soap makers recommend combining Babassu oil with another oil for cold processed soap making.

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