Privacy Policy

Privacy policy:
Paris Fragrances declares that the registration data of the clients are kept strictly confidential, so they are not sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties except where such information is necessary for the delivery process or collection, or to participate in raffles or similar programs when authorized or requested by the customers themselves.

The site may use cookies, leaving the client to configure the Internet browser if you want to block them. In this case, certain features of the site may be limited.

Our Photos:

All photos presented on this website are protected by copyright, which means they are original and exclusive works, created with dedication and creativity. As creators of these images, we possess the legal right to control how they are used and distributed.

We would like to emphasize that any unauthorized use of our photos is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, reproduction, distribution, modification, sale, publication, and any other form of use that violates our rights as copyright holders.

We understand that our photos may be attractive to many people, but we kindly request that you respect our work and dedication by always seeking proper authorization before using them for any purpose.