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Acai Berry Oil - Natural Unrefined

Acai Berry Oil - Natural Unrefined

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Acai Berry Oil - Natural Unrefined, Sustainable Product of the Brazilian Amazon Forest

Scientific name - Euterpe oleracea
Extraction Method:  100 % pure and natural, virgin, cold-pressed without any chemical treatment, cosmetic quality.
Part of the Plant Used -  Pulp
Country of Origin: Brazil
Appearance:  Liquid

Common Uses: Acai Berry Carrier Oil is a powerful antioxidant and a natural emollient that is highly moisturizing and restores skin elasticity. It is excellent for use in skin care creams, lotions, and scrubs.  Soap, bath and body creams, hair care products and hair conditioner. 

Product Abstract - Acai Berry Oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. There are also many other vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, E, and C, minerals such as Phosphorus, Calcium, and Potassium, as well as polyphenols, anthocyanins, and phytosterols. Acai oil helps to heal dry, chapped and cracked skin, balances the moisture in the skin, and it conditions hair well.

For Skin:
- suitable for all skin types, especially for dry or mature aging skin. It helps to balance the moisture in the skin. It helps to remove toxic build-up in the skin, improving the skin's complexion, without does not clog pores.
- It helps damaged skin like eczema and psoriasis.
- It helps heal dry and cracked skin.
- It is very efficient oil for face and neck treatments and may even help to reduce wrinkling. Also, use it on areas that need extra attention like the elbows and knees.
For Hair:
- When apply into the scalp will encourage healthy hair growth, and when rubbed into the ends of the hair, will help to repair split ends.

All our oils, butters, and bioactive products are extracted from Amazonian plants using free chemicals methods (without the use of chemical reagents or solvents). This method of Cold Extraction allows producing high-quality products, such as oils, greases, soaps, and herbal extracts; also, it preserves the bioactive compounds that are found in the raw materials.  They are wild species that grow naturally in the Amazon rainforest, extracted sustainably without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Our products are cruelty-free. 

The product may be subject to variation in color, viscosity, smell and other factors depending on the harvesting and local temperature.

Paris Fragrances is not liable for misuse in handling our products nor are we responsible for the final result of your product. See our store policy page .




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