Green Coffee Oil - 100% pure, unrefined, raw

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Green Coffee Oil - 100% pure, unrefined, raw.

Scientific name -  Coffea Arabica 
Extraction Method:  100 % pure and natural, virgin, cold-pressed without any chemical treatment, cosmetic quality.
Part of the Plant Used -  Seed
Country of Origin: Brazil
Appearance:  Liquid
Presentation: Amber Glass Bottle.

Green coffee oil is made from green coffee beans grown in northern Brazil. The grains are Arabica species and this product can be used in a variety of personal care formulations like moisturizing cream, anti-aging cream, sunscreen, massage oil,  serums, facial masks, and many other cosmetics.

The green coffee oil is extracted by pressing the nuts. It is regarded as a product of excellent therapeutic quality by being rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, caffeine, and fatty acids; which together become a powerful ally against aging skin, fighting wrinkles and fine lines, unwanted "crow's feet", furrows around the mouth (Chinese mustache) and spots on the skin. The presence of phytosterols promotes excellent moisture retention, rapid penetration, and good adhesion to cosmetic applications.

Recent studies show that this oil has regenerative and moisturizing effects. Because it has the same pH level as the human skin, it helps to balance the moisture of the skin, making it healthy. It is especially effective in the treatment of dry and cracked skin, including the delicate skin of the lips, also indicated for mature skin and senile, toning and softening its texture and attenuating the damage caused by free radicals.

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic action, is able to soothe the skin, and is indicated for the treatment of dermatitis, eczemas, and psoriasis. Helps to reduce the inflammatory reactions, redness and discomfort of sensitive skin, reactive and/or fragilized by dermatological (peeling, laser) or surgical procedures (pre and postoperative) due to its potent decongestant action; its enzymes stimulate the detoxification and help to clean the skin, being a great ally in the fight against acne.


Face: At night, Apply a few drops all over the face as a moisturizing agent, this absorbs into the skin very easily and does not leave an oily feeling. 

Hair: Apply a few drops (5-6) drops to your own favorite shampoo or conditioner. Gives freshness and bright hair. Coffee Oil is absorbed very easily by the skin and scalp and promotes rejuvenation of the cells; It also leaves the hair soft and silky, eliminating split ends. 

Body: Mix a few drops of green coffee oil with your favorite body cream or in a carrier oil for massage, like Brazil nut oil. Rub this mixture all over the body in circular motions to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

All our oils, butters, and bioactive products are extracted using free chemicals methods (without the use of chemical reagents or solvents). This method of Cold Extraction allows producing high-quality products, such as oils, greases, soaps, and herbal extracts; also, it preserves the bioactive compounds that are found in the raw materials.

They are wild species that grow naturally in the Amazon rainforest, extracted sustainably without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Our products are cruelty-free. 

The product may be subject to variation in color, viscosity, smell and other factors depending on the harvesting and local temperature.
Paris Fragrances is not liable for misuse in handling our products nor are we responsible for the final result of your product. See our store policy page .

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