Perfume Fixative - FIX 0003

Perfume Fixative - FIX 0003

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Perfume Fixative FIX003 is used to decrease the volatility or perfume and slow down the rate of evaporation. 

Our synthetic fixative is manufactured through a blend of musk. Its only function is to decrease the volatility of the fragrance components in order to prolong the permanency of the fragrance (just add 3-5%). It is safe to use in soups creams and other cosmetics. The final result is a pleasant fragrance with a bigger presence, mainly if applied on skin and hair.  Perfume fixative will help to amplify the heart and base notes,

In some cases, the use of FIX003 can decrease the aroma of body odor created by sweat.
FIX0003 creates an unbelievable soft feeling on the skin when added at 1% on moisturizers creams.

FIX003 is manufactured without the use of animal-based products, it is eco-friendly, and can be used safely by anyone. By using our fixative you will have last long fragrances in your products keeping the scent longer.

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