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Sexy Pheromone Femme - 0419

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The Pheromones are substances that act as messengers between individuals of the same species, triggering physiological and behavioral responses. Recently scientists discovered that humans are also influenced in a similar way in the presence of pheromones. Unfortunately, due to evolution, our bodies and habits have changed. Most of us don't naturally produce pheromones in sufficient quantity to stimulate the female/male response.

Sexy Pheromone Femme cause feelings of sexual attraction and desire in the opposite sex. It awakens the libido who is next to the person using a cosmetic with pheromone.
This product will make you feel attractive and sexy; Will attract people's attention to you. It will raise your self-esteem and make you feel more confident, provocative and awaken the strong power that exists within you.
You can add 10% of that supply in your soap recipe, moisturizing cream, lotion, perfume, cologne, or any other domestic product.

*Paris Fragrances do not take responsibility for the use, handling, and final result of the product. We suggest that you test results on a small quantity before full-scale application.

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